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In this post-pandemic era, we are all tired of confinements and epidemic prevention regulations. Our aesthetic seems to be also confined to minimalist visuals. We are craving visual impacts to spice up our lives!


Chroma Extravaganza showcases multi-disciplinary works by Latin American Artists who are based in Europe. Through this exhibition-event, the team wants to revive the instinctive luxury idea of "Extravaganza" by colors a.k.a."Chroma”.


As in the international curatorial team, audiences also have different cultural experiences, and may have different intellectual interpretations of colors and extravagance. But these two aspects also impact and please us intuitively. By reconnecting the collective experiences and energy of life by eye-catching and enjoyable visual vocabularies, this graduation project created by MBA Art & Luxury management students of IESA reminds the audience about the pure pleasure of opulence and to enjoy the cherry on the cake!

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