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By combining color and extravaganza, the team aims to mix cultures and media to generate new interpretations, as in mixing colors to create new colors, complementary color pairs, and analogous color combinations. Also by combining extravagant elements to manifest the artist’s eagerness to be seen.

Color Extravaganza would like to create an immersive experience through different forms and media or arts. It focuses on artists from kaleidoscopic Latin America, all based in Europe, to highlight the tastes and preferences under the influences, the heritages and the adaptation of artists between the cultures of Europe and Latin America.













This exhibition project aims to provoke the instinctive reaction to different mix-and-match of multi-disciplinary works. The team looks for a spectrum of direct and emotional responses, which echo the nature of the artist, to illustrate how the color and extravaganza takes shape through different mediums and formats.

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