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Isabella Derlon

Derlon’s designs are meant to form a bond between the work and the user. She believes that through developing a deeper connection between the customer and the product, one is less likely to consume as frequently and form a more sustainable shopping habit by validating the value of the piece that they have invested in.

The pieces showcased in Chroma Extravaganza belong to the collections Piedras and Chroma Natural. Piedras is a collection of accessories comprised of five fashion pieces, each exhibit reveals a symbolic message, such as a handprint represents the traces that we leave in the natural world; the leather draping represents the organic curves formed by degradation and erosion; and the engravings of the initials of people that Derlon has encountered throughout her life, which represent her own memories and experiences that “Set in Stone”. The team also selected one special piece from the collection Chroma Natural, a collection inspired by the eclectic and vibrant culture of Latin America. 

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Stone Clutch

Isabella Derlon

Material: Lambskin with a 3D printed ABS skeleton

Dimension: 26*16*8cm

Year: 2022

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The Stone Clutch is a hard-shell lambskin clutch with a handprint grip. The handprint is a symbol of the human intervention on stone and of the mark we leave on the natural world. Its organic form was inspired by river pebbles, which are rounded and usually asymmetric. As this piece ages through time, the delicate lambskin will acquire small marks and traces of its user.

Soft Stone Bag

Isabella Derlon

Material: 3D printed ABS handle and
white leather wrapped minaudière

Dimension: 31*22*10cm

Year: 2022

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This bag was made in collaboration with the Gab Group and Holding Moda in Florence, Italy. The Soft Stone Bag is a hard-shelled handbag inspired by the organic curves that are formed in eroded stone formations. The symbol of the handprint comes back in this piece on the white 3D printed handle.


Gold accents are used throughout the construction of this bag in order to elevate the simple form and to symbolically increase the value of a material as ordinary as stone.


Draped Stones Bag

Isabella Derlon

Material: All lambskin

Dimension: 259*16*13cm

Year: 2022

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The Draped Stones Bag is a crossbody made with molded lambskin leather pieces. The main form of the bag was inspired by the organic lines that are formed by the natural process of erosion in rocks. These lines are mimicked in the stiff drapes of the main shape of the bag. Two coin purses are also included and are detachable/movable to allow for the customization of the bag.

Anti Bag

Isabella Derlon

Material: Stones and leather

Dimension: 13*16*9cm

Year: 2022

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The Anti Bag is both a celebration of stone as a raw and natural material as well as an ironic nod to what a bag is supposed to be. Being heavy, difficult to carry and unable to store anything, the Anti Bag is Derlon’s way of interpreting accessories and the beauty of products existing just because they are objects of art.


Metallic Stone

Isabella Derlon

Material: CNC machined and

hand engraved aluminum

Dimension: 24*13*10cm

Year: 2022

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The Metallic Stone is the last bag of the collection and the most precious piece. Taking inspiration directly from the artist Guiseppe Penone, a leader in the Arte Povera movement. The metallic bag elevates the raw material of stone and adds value to an otherwise common form. Carved out from 2 solid blocks of aluminum, the metallic stone bag is supposed to emulate a large piece of jewelry.


This bag has been hand engraved by the designer with the initials of people who have been important in her life, immortalizing the memory of them in an object of art.

Stone Necklace

Isabella Derlon

Material: Leather cord and

engraved aluminum stones

Dimension: 259*5cm

Year: 2022

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The stone necklace is a piece of accessory developed in conjunction with the metallic stone. Being inspired by the same principles of the Arte Povera movement, this piece includes stones carved from solid pieces of aluminum and are engraved with the same initials as the metallic bag. The main concept explored in this piece is the materialization of memory.


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Chroma-Natural Hobo Bag

Isabella Derlon

Material: Calfskin with a suede lining and

a handcrafted resin and wood handle

Dimension: 64*47*14cm

Year: 2021

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Chroma Natural is a collection that celebrates artisanal craftsmanship and color, using weaving techniques and geometric forms inspired by Latin American baskets and textiles. The carefully chosen color palettes for the collection are inspired by iconic latino artists like Carlos Cruz-Diez.

The first bag of the collection, Boho Bag, is inspired by the natural textures and colors found in Latin American architecture. The handle is handcrafted from a thin piece of wood encased in resin. 

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