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Institutional Partners

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Founded in 1985 by Françoise and Jean-Marie Schmitt, the Institut d’Études Supérieures des Arts (IESA) is a private educational group based in Paris, France.  It has been officially recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication since 1998. 


IESA Arts & Culture is the school of creative knowledge and dissemination as part of an international economy. Its education method combines the critical study of works of art and artistic productions with the acquisition of the necessary professional skills for their production, brokerage, communication and trade.

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The mission of ProChile is to contribute to Chile's sustainable development, through the internationalisation processes and the promotion of goods and services offered. Through a network of highly specialized and committed people from their regional and international offices. 


ProChile supports the diversification of the country´s exports for the promotion of inclusive foreign trade that incorporates the gender perspective, the attraction of foreign investment and tourism, all of which contribute to and strengthen the country's image.


Eos is a non-profit organization specializing in the organization of visual and performing arts events founded in Paris, France in 2017. We provide an international array of independent curators and producers with administrative support, expertise in project management, and artistic direction in order to create new and noteworthy programs.


Our primary goal is to present excellent quality events in accordance with the best practices in our industry.

We aim to cultivate experienced arts professionals and provide outstanding mediation for all of our programs. Throughout all our activities we strive to demonstrate our responsibility to make a variety of artistic perspectives accessible to as broad an audience as possible.

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The brand was born in Pisco and stayed in Pisco. They honor those who started the grape fields more than 400 years ago. In the same place, with the same land. The patience and passion of their farmers is the best measure of quality they can have. Every drop of their pisco speaks for them.


Pisco 1615 represents the new times of the city. They rescued their history and incorporate it into contemporary knowledge of distillation and mixology.


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